Monday, January 4, 2016

Changing Things Up?
(Or How I Intend To Get My POTA Groove Back...)

Hey all! Long time, no see...

As you can tell by the lack of posts, I haven't done much with the ol' POTA blog in quite awhile. Truth be told, I just hit a wall with my Trek fandom. Part of it was my growing distaste for the "Abrams-verse", part was a lack of new quality Trek product, and part was simply fatigue in general; but it all added up to me no longer having the the drive to post on a consistent basis. When I did post, it felt like I was forcing myself to. And that isn't what I wanted this site to ever be. I never wanted my fandom to be a chore. And I never wanted to dread coming up with a post. So I stopped.

I sadly still don't. I feel like I can't offer much currently to the Trek fandom. I still love Star Trek. I always will... I simply don't have the enthusiasm and drive to blog about it- At least not currently. But I want to do SOMETHING with this page. It has been around too long and has too many great memories attached to it for me to just let it keep gathering dust. But what to do with POTA..

Hmmm... POTA.

Star Trek. POTA.


 photo comics-star-trek-apes_zpslqtfrpxp.jpg

Stay tuned.