Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Hope!?!

So it seems Trek may not be quite as dead as we thought at DST...

Looks like DST has taken the canceled Toys R Us wave and reworked as a limited case. Unlike other DST releases, these are produced in limited cases (only 1000) with the case featuring only 1 of each figure. The best news? The cases are supposedly already in production, so this product can be ordered with confidence of it actually being produced!

The set of 3 is up for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store for the low price of $37.99! Check it out here! I'm sure New Force Comics will have a preorder up soon too, and I'm hopeful that comic shops will be able to order these as well.

I for one am REALLY excited by this. I'm going to order like 5 cases. Seriously. 1 set to keep carded, multiple Romulans, and multiple Kirks just to use that new head on existing figures. Anybody want one of the spare Scotty figures I'm going to be stuck with? ;)



    This is the sort of update i was hoping to see when i reloaded your blog today.
    Kirk head looks more acurate in deed.
    From y point of view the only nice Kirks head that i have is the battle ravaged one.
    Amok Time , command chairs etc.. look like a dumb cartoon.

    Who is the Romulan? It Doesn't look like a random face to me.Must be a real person.
    But why another Scottie?I was released as 2pack not long ago. In fact im getting those rerelease TOS 2-packs next week. They've just arrived to Spanish comic-figures stores.

    Why not Chekov! we need a Pavel re release. Swaping sulus bodies is not fair.
    3 days ago i got my Mirror Uhura from a spĂ nish online shop. I love her!
    Card as some wear and it was all covered in dust.
    That makes me think of all the AA/DST that may be lost in stores in countries like mine, where theres not much interest in collecting trek figures and TRU only sells hasbro star wars, Lego and Barbie

  2. That is some good news, I might order a set as well. The Kirk looks great, That Romulan is one that I would want and I don't have a Scotty so it's a win all the way around for me.

    You know you could have a Scotty contest or make some custom red shirts.

  3. Great idea chunky B! Stay tuned for a Scotty giveaway... if these do indeed ship. ;)