Monday, April 27, 2009

Mego Figure Spotlight- Talos


Figure Name: Talos
Manufacturer: Mego Toys Corp.


Talos was released on the 'Alien' cardback in the third series of Mego Star Trek 8" figures. (Sorry, I don't own a carded one to give you a packaged shot).


The Rundown: Talos here was obviously based off the of the Talosian Keeper from the pilot episode "The Cage". Mego had already produced a character called "The Keeper" in their second series of figures (whose outfit could pass for a Talosian's, but whose head sculpt more resembles Balok's puppet) so I guess that's why this guy got stuck with 'Talos'. I have no idea why they didn't just call him 'Talosian'... but that's really the least of his problems. There's not much good you can say about this guy. Mego used their smaller Teen Titans body for him, which I feel is a really good choice since the Talosians seemed frail and small in the episode. He's got a GREAT head sculpt. The large bulbous cranium, the stoic face, and the protruding veins are just about perfect. Really top notch job on this head. But then you see his clothes, and the goodness grinds to a screeching hault-


Wow. Now Mego has taken liberties with characters before, but I can only guess as to what they were thinking when they designed this outfit. Timmy was the lonely Talosian. He never cared much for expanding his mental powers, playing with Vina, or capturing starship captains. His only enjoyment came from watching old holovids of the circus stored aboard Vina's ship. He yearned to be a part of that life and spent all his time secretly training on a homemade trapeze in a hidden cave on Talos. When Spock embarked on his mission to return Pike to Talos, Timmy seized his opportunity. He secretly snuck aboard the Enterprise and stowed away until they reached the next starbase. From there, Timmy was able to secure passage on a touring circus ship. Through a combination of Talosian mental charm and high-flying prowess he was able to join the prestigious "Cirque De Soleils". Now Timmy uses his big noggin' to wow the crowd by making them feel as if they are right next to him whist he performs his daring trapeze act! Oh, and he got some orange boots too...


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  1. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, your backstory for Timmy!

    I too thought this figure looked like an escapee from a circus when I saw it as a kid. I suppose the kindest thing to do would've been to take a robe from the Mego "Keeper" figure and put it on this little fellow, but he would've gotten swallowed by it.

    Truly a "WTF?" moment when first sighting this one in stores.