Monday, July 5, 2010

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight-
The Gorn Hatchling!


The Rundown: This will be a bit of a short post today, since this is a pretty unique custom item... but I just had to share my joy with this little guy with you folks! A couple months back, I was cruising TREKSPACE and I spotted a blog post showcasing this dangerously cute little baby Gorn-ling cracking out of his egg!


The gentleman that constructed it, Richard Svensson, had previously made some seriously cool full scale Trek masks... but he wanted to do something special for the Easter holiday. So he went and bought a large plastic egg, broke out the clay, and went to town making his vision of a baby Gorn cracking out of it's shell!


In the blog post, Richard mentioned that he had made molds of each portion that he sculpted so that the final product would be composed of a more durable material. "Molds!?", I thought to myslef, "that means he can make another!". A quick e-mail and a few short weeks later, and this "so-sweet-he'll-rot-your-teeth" baby Gorn now rests comfortably on my desk at home.

Awesome. Gorn babies rule.

-James (with special thanks to my wife Bobbi for her help on the pictures!)


  1. Wow! I am so so very jealous! I want one, badly!
    I LOVE the fact that it's a TNG-era Gorn, as seen non-canon in the Gorn Crisis. Aren't TNG-era-looking Gorn ONLY non-canon?
    Besides a few other books, aren't the Gorn mostly featured in the Gorn Crisis I mentioned?
    How tall is it? It looks kinda heavy.
    Can I e-mail the artist and order one?

  2. Oh, sure, they're cute as hatchlings... but give them a few weeks and the other family pets will go missing.

  3. I. Must. Have This!

    This would make an absolutely adorable Christmas ornament. Richard Svenson needs to whip out his communicator and call Hallmark, stat!

  4. Oh my glob! I never thought that a Gorn could be this cute or even be realistic looking. . . . I want one!