Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm In A Star Trek Comic!!!!

It's been killing me keeping this quiet for so long... but now that it is on shelves, I can spill the beans! Issue 1 of "Star Trek: Khan- Ruling In Hell" hits comic shelves today, written by Scott & David Tipton with art by Fabio Mantovani. The series delves into Khan's years in exile on Ceti Alpha V following the events of "Space Seed" (and leading up to "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan"). The storyline alone had me jonesing for the release of this book, but as an added bonus- I am in the book! Scott Tipton (to whom I am now eternally grateful) worked "Sawyer" in as one Khan's genetically engineered brethren, complete with my likeness (sans glasses since a genetically superior male wouldn't need). Check it out-


The book hits shelves today with a retail price of $3.99 and features 2 different covers (I will scan them in a bit here and add it to the post). There's also going to be a plush Khan incentive available to stores that ordered enough copies to qualify, but our shop didn't get theirs in yet, so you may want to call first...



  1. Dude, that's so much more awesome-sauce than just getting a letter printed.

    BTW - Keep up the good work, I love what you do here and I read each and every post. ESPECIALLY the posts on the old Playmates line, which I collected ravenously for years and dumped when they did the stupid Tapestry Picard.

  2. This is by far the coolest thing ever.
    To be featured in a comic book story is awesome but to be part of an official Trek issue, canon or not, is just amazing.
    As fans we understand and share your happiness fans.

  3. Hmmm, Ceti Alpha V was a lot more dangerous a place than I had thought. By ST 2 it was pretty much wasteland, but the authors have a point: it was a wild unexplored world at some point.

  4. Very cool! Congratulations.

    I'm Shantherin th'Clane, an Andorian Starfleet crewman in the ST novel "Ex Machina" (thanks Christopher Bennett) and Therin Park has been mentioned in three novels (thanks Heather Jarman, Terri Osborne and David Mack)!

    There was once supposed to be a Klingon reference to me in a DC ST comic (David deVries & Glenn Lumsden), for providing research, but the editor, Kim Yale, passed away and the approved script somehow got lost in a reshuffle, even though they were paid for it.

  5. Sweet, congrats! I can't wait to check out this comic.

  6. That is so fantastic and fun. Congratulations.

  7. You are now among the immortals! Your likeness shall now, and forever more, reside among the archives and shrines of Trekkers scattered across the country.

    Yours is the superior!