Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight-
Custom Playmates
Zefram Cochrane
(From "Metamorphosis")

Figure Name: Zefram Cochrane
Made by customizer Matthew Hackley

The Rundown: Did ya miss me? Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Got sidetracked by a couple of other projects, free time became a premium, and the blog postings had to take a backseat. I'm still not ready to return to daily spotlights, but hopefully I can at least squeeze in a couple per week... But enough about me- It's Zefram time!

Before I start talking about the custom, I should probably address a Cochranian issue: Star Trek First Contact. I like First Contact, I really do- It's the finest of the TNG films for sure. The Borg are fun, Data has some choice moments, and Picard gets to be a "BA" on the holodeck. There is one major issue I have with the film though-

I don't know who James Cromwell was portraying in the movie, but to me it ain't Zefram Cochrane. Glenn Corbett IS Zefram Cochrane. Zefram Cochrane isn't a boozing, bumbling buffoon who did it all for the money. That's not how I choose to look at Cochrane's early years (read the pre-First Contact novel "Federation" for a better understanding of who "my" Cochrane is). To me, Cromwell's Cochrane is the slip and Corbett's Cochrane is the canon version.

Sorry to get on a soapbox there...

So anyways... Zefram is another fine entry in the "What if Playmates had kept the TOS line going?" assortment from the talented hands of Matthew Hackley! Hackley captured the look of Cochrane from "Metamorphosis" in a style reminiscent of Playmates' Warp Factor figures.

Matt had to do some extensive head sculpting here to get Corbett's likeness just right. I feel like he really nailed it. The look on his face reminds me of when Zefram spied the shuttlecraft for the first time.

I didn't really notice when I watched the episode, but Zefram has a neat little decoration on his shirt that looks like 2 ships flying away from each other. Matt noticed it though, and that little detail really helps his otherwise simple uniform really pop. Kudos Matt!

So there ya go... The REAL Zefram, as Playmates might have done him.



  1. Oh my..this guy has 2 ceti eels fighting each other on his chest!

  2. Awesome work on the custom. Glad to see you posting again!

  3. Assuming you pay handsomely for these customs, would your customizer be interested in some commission work? Seriously.

  4. P.S. Feel free to e-mail me with your answer. j.v.4188@gmail.com