Thursday, February 18, 2010

For Those That May Not Have Seen Them Yet-
Upcoming DST/ EMCE Mego Style Figures!

So there wasn't much to see at Toy Fair this year in the way of Trek stuff. DST showed off the Enterprise B, a REALLY nice Klingon Bird Of Prey, and a Klingon Disruptor (along with a few already released items). For me though. the most exciting announcement was the addition of 4 new figures to the DST/ EMCE Mego-style figure line! Feast your eyes on Captain Pike, Vina as an Orion, Nurse Chapel...and the SALT VAMPIRE! Woo hoo! Oh, and please keep in mind that these are EARLY prototypes, so the heads a re a bit large and the skin tones don't quite match yet. (Thanks to an anonymous contributor for the photos and my buddy Scott for alerting me to them!)



  1. I am excited to see these, I only wish the photo of the card didn't get cropped for the Salt Vampire and Nurse Chapel, I wonder if these are going to be released before, after or at the same time as the others, December 2010 for Pike and the Orion Girl seems like such a long time away...

  2. The Pike head sculpt is well done, and the Salt Vampire (but how could you go wrong with that one?). Chapel seems a bit generic... but the Vina one is utterly ridiculous. A Barbie painted green would look better.

  3. Also I think it's funny that in the photos is a clear "no cameras" sign!

  4. I too am loving the very obvious "no camera" sign!

    I'm not going to judge the likenesses too harshly just yet, since theses are pretty early prototypes. But man... I'm already LOVING that Salt Vampire!