Monday, February 22, 2010

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight-
Unproduced Coleco Vehicles

Sigh... I really hate being outbid on unique Trek pieces on eBay. Take for example these Coleco presentation boards. They were listed about a month ago with buy-it-now options of $100 each. I passed then, thinking they were a little too pricey. They didn't sell, so the seller relisted them with a starting bid of $50 each. I figured I'd be able to snag them for around $75 each since no one else even placed a bid on them, and they ended at like 4 a.m. on a weekday. So I set my alarm and woke myself up at 3:30 to place my bids in the last seconds... and got outbid on both pieces. Argh! And what's funny is that I would now gladly pay the $100 each! Double argh! Every gray cloud has a silver lining though; By a sheer stroke of luck, I actually know the guy that outbid me and he was nice enough to send over pics for the blog! Thanks man!

Anyways... Coleco must have just picked up the Trek license for fun in the early 80's because it seems like everything they tried to put out didn't get produced. They made plans for a handheld game based on "The Motion Picture" which never made it past the prototype stages in 1980. And then there's these vehicles, which never made it past these art boards apparently.

First there's this cycle. Pretty much your standard "Big Wheel" fare. Had it been produced, it would have probably looked a lot like this Coleco G.I.Joe Cycle shown here-

Sure, that would have been cool to have, but this would have easily trounced it-

How sweet would that have been? If you're having trouble imagining it, take a look at this G.I.Joe version to get your brain juices flowing-

Now we don't know for sure that all the functions and features would have been present on the Trek version, but it's a pretty sure bet. This thing would have been motorized (think Power Wheels) and would have featured sound and lighting effects. Man, I would have had a BLAST with this as a kid! Heck, I'd probably still be driving it.

Ah, what might have been... Thanks again to my friend for sharing the pics! And yes, I still want to buy them from you. ;)



  1. My cousins and I actually found an old, beat up GI Joe version and freakin' LOVED it! I cannot imagine what joy the Trek one would have brought to my simple, nerd life! Ha! Thanks for the review!

  2. My parents bought my sister and I the ARPV's and it was the most awesome toy I ever had!!! I would give anything to have one (I could fit in ) now a days!!

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