Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Announcement-
"A Piece Of The Action"
Star Trek Collectibles Panel At
The Nashville Official Star Trek Convention!

I've been talking with Creation Entertainment for about a week now on this, and it's been killing me not to say anything about it... But now that it's up on their site, I can spill the beans!


At the Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention taking place in Nashville, TN from July 29-31, I will be hosting a discussion panel on Classic Star Trek Collectibles! The presentation will cover the history of collectibles produced on the classic show, focusing on the main merchandise available throughout Trek's 45 year life. While the focus will mainly be on the toys, we'll also take a look at the comics, trading cards, and some other popular items that were available to Star Trek fans during each decade. The panel will also offer a peek at some of the unproduced items that never made it out to the public! And if you get involved in the Q & A portion of the discussion, you'll have a chance to take home some sweet Trek collectible prizes!

So if you are planning on coming out to the show, PLEASE come by the panel and check it out! It's tentatively scheduled for Saturday, but that may change as we get closer to the convention dates. I'd really love to meet some readers from the site and talk Trek with ya. Hope to see you there!


  1. Love the new header banner! Awesome!

  2. I will be at the con. I may be part of the security, not 100% sure. My friends and I have done several Creation Cons. I THINK we're going to sign up for this one.

  3. James---congrats! I wish I could go; sounds like terrific fun.


  4. Any chance you will be doing this same pannel at the Vegas show?

  5. I had my choice of which show to do this at... I choose Nashville since it's closest to me. I couldn't swing a big trip like Vegas this year. If it's a success, I'll probably try and do it at a different locale next year.

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