Thursday, January 14, 2010

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight-
Inter-Space Communicator

Item Name: Inter-Space Communicator
Manufacturer: Lone Star (1974)

The Rundown: Have you ever sat awake at night wondering what the childhood favorite "2 tin cans on a string telephone" gimmick would look like in Star Trek? Well, wonder no more! Lone Star answered that question way back in 1974 with their Inter-Space Communicator. Silly. Where have you been?

This is a prime example of me purchasing a product mainly for it's box. What an insanely cool package for a somewhat mediocre product! The outer box features a couple of interesting drawings of Kirk and Spock using the Communicator, while the interior features shots of Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise, and a space station. And the best part is the box actually turns into a display piece (as shown in the first pic)! I'm scratching my head as to why they put this much effort into the package on this...

The Communicator is essentially 2 hollow plastic cones with rods sticking out the back. Notice that the colors are flipped- I guess so you won't confuse yours with your buddy's.

The front of each hand piece features a grilled pattern for you to communicate through and a stamping that says "Space Phone". I'd say that's a good indicator that these probably weren't designed for Trek and are a reuse of an existing toy or concept, although I do laugh at the idea of Uhura contacting other ships using her "space phone".

At the base of each hand piece is a hidden whistle! I'm sure to be used in occasions when Kirk spies a lovely yeoman on deck...

So enough about the design- here's how they work-

Now the previous owner of my set didn't use the red cord, instead opting for the cotton string-

I can honestly say these actually do work pretty well! My buddy Matt and I tried them out and you can actually hear pretty clearly through them. I must admit I never tried the "2 tin cans" as a kid, so I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity.

I managed to snag this for a measly $13! At that price, it's worth it just for the awesome packaging! A quirky cool item, if you can get it on the cheap...


  1. I love the box art with Spock holding the "communicator" up to his ear. He looks VERY surprised at the message he's receiving!

  2. Kirk: "Psst! Spock! Come to my quarters, I need you for a back rub!"

  3. Nice one Frederick... Especially when you check out the look on Spock's face... :)

  4. Can anyone say whether or not the Inter-Space Communicators were factory-issued with EITHER the "opposite" colored hand-held units (so you could tell your hand-held unit apart from your friend's hand-held unit), or with identical colored hand-held units? I've seen examples of both that don't seem to have ever been removed from the original box, which makes me think both styles were actually factory-issued. Any help is appreciated