Friday, October 2, 2009

AA/ DST Spotlight-
"The Cage" Spock & Uhura
Star Trek Minimates

Figure Names: "The Cage" Spock & Uhura
Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys

Spock & Uhura were released as part of Diamond Select's second wave of Star Trek Minimates.

The Rundown: I told ya there'd be more minimate spotlights coming! Today we're looking at "Cage" Spock & Uhura. DST played it smart with a lot of these 2 packs by including 1 'essential' character and 1 'non-essential' variant.

In the case of this pack, I'd say Uhura is the 'essential' character since no crew (no matter how teensy-tiny and lego-esque it may be) is complete without Uhura. Since these are the DST-released Star Trek minimates, Uhura is built on the smaller, more-common minimate body; That means there's a ton of articulation packed into a 2" tall figure.

The head looks good, especially the hair sculpt. Since all minimates lack noses, it's tough to say this is a dead-on likeness of Uhura. You have to judge minimate likenesses in a different way than you judge a regular figure likeness. It's supposed to look like a caricature of the real thing. Taking them for what they are, I really like all the Trek minimate faces, including Uhura here.

Since DST had already released a standard Spock in Wave 1, this "Cage" Spock definitely fits the bill of 'non-essential' variant. That's not to say he's bad or's just most folks will want Spock in his standard attire over this one.

"Cage" Spock does at least feature a unique likeness. You can almost hear the little guy saying "Fascinating". Doesn't really work for "The Cage", but slip it onto the "Spock's Brain" variant from Wave 3 and you've got a quick and easy "This Side Of Paradise" Spock!

Accessories: Spock and Uhura are loaded with gear! Spock includes an interchangeable Vulcan salute hand, a phaser, and a tricorder. Uhura comes with a padd, phaser, and tricorder. The most disappointing thing is the Spock includes a phaser instead of the laser from "The Cage" (which was already produced with Wave 1's Pike).

You're going to read this many, many times on these minimate spotlights: I REALLY like the Trek minimates. If you like Lego....well, imagine taking a Lego figure and making it about 10 times cooler. They look great on a shelf, and they are a great "all ages" Trek toy. You can get this pack on the cheap nowadays (along with most of the other Trek minimates), so there's no harm in giving them a try. I'm not sure I'd start with this pack, but once you get started it's hard to quit, so you'll probably end up buying it anyway. At least I hope you do.


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