Monday, October 19, 2009

Playmates New TOS Line-
A DST/ Playmates Joint Effort?

Just saw this at the latest DST Q & A-

With the announcement of Playmates Toys’ to include TOS in their Galaxy Collection at the Dallas Fall Toy Fair, how does this affect DST’s license? Does it diminish it at all? Has DST’s license not been renewed? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Gee not sure– maybe its none of the above and Playmates and DST cooked something up….Hmm…time will tell.


Playmates recently put out a press release that announced a 3 3/4″ TOS line (”And for the first time ever, Playmates will introduce 3.75″ GALAXY EDITION action figures and diorama’s based on the classic Star Trek series. These figures will be highly detailed with authentic life-like likenesses and feature over 16 points of articulation. Iconic scenes from the most popular episodes will be depicted in two-figure pack dioramas.”) What does this portend for your own license (which I thought was a master license to all pre-2008 Trek)?

DSTChuck: Hmm interesting…

I don't know about you, but to me that reads like the new 3.75" line may be a collaboration between DST and Playmates. If so, that's a dream come true! DST's superior sculpting coupled with Playmates great distribution... and it's 3.75" scale!?! It's like somebody broke into my hope chest...

Now give us some pics Playmates!

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