Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hallmark Ornament Spotlight- 2009 Starfleet Phaser

Item Name: Starfleet Phaser Keepsake Ornament
Manufacturer: Hallmark

Hallmark released this phaser ornament for the 2009 holiday season.

The Rundown: Last year's classic communicator ornament was one of the coolest pieces Hallmark has produced in their Star Trek ornament line. The sound quality was great, and the ornament was just plain fun. Well, this year's companion piece- the "Starfleet Phaser"- may just top it.

the first thing you notice when getting this one out is the size. Unlike last year's communicator, the phaser is much more accurate to the original prop. Check out the comparison with the AA/ DST version! The size is almost identical!

Hallmark's version is pretty close to the AA/ DST version overall. There are a few slight differences that I picked out, like the gold reflective sticker near the emitter light.

There's also a gold reflective area on the "sight", which is clear on the AA/ DST version. And unlike the toy version, Hallmark's phaser functions by pressing up on the dial instead of by pressing a button. The numbered dial switches the phaser between three power modes and an additional button on the top activates the sound chips. The phaser runs on 3 watch batteries, which are included. Here's a quick video illustrating what all this puppy can do-

And in case you want to read the back of the box-

At $18.50, this ornament may seem a bit pricey, but in comparison to some of the other Hallmark stuff at this price point, this phaser really feels like your getting a lot of bang for your buck. The sound effects are nice and loud, and the phaser looks great. The phaser looks so accurate that you could even use this as part of a Trek costume (if it weren't for the little gold hanging ring at the base). This one just hit stores this week, so go hit up your Hallmark stores and check it out for yourself!



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, James! The Keepsake team has plenty of Star Trek fans and had a lot of fun bringing this one to the tree. (And I had a blast helping out where I could!)

    Kevin Dilmore

  2. No prob! Thank you guys for bringing your A-game this year! I've already reviewed the Menagerie and Klingon Battle Cruiser ornaments.. and those were fantastic as well. Especially the Klingon Battle Cruiser- that paint job is phenomenal.

    If you get chance, can you shoot me a quick e-mail?

  3. Nice prop but I wouldn't say it's nice and loud?, Seems after a few try's, It became almost inaudible?

  4. Do you find it odd that it hangs upside down? The picture on the outside of the box has it "firing" side up. When its hung upside down the silver piece flops out :(

  5. I got my Hallmark Phaser originally the 27th of December at the Arrowhead Towne Center (Glendale AZ) Hallmark for $9. Traded it at a local toy dealer for $8 trade-value because I got the DST. Sold that one for $30 2 years ago. I just got my new Hallmark Phaser from eBay for $10. Not trading or selling it because it's too cool and it goes with my other Type-1 Phasers. I plan on making a reusable mold from it so I can make static replicas, for doing custom versions, or giving to friends.