Friday, October 23, 2009

Hallmark Ornament Spotlight-
1999 Blown Glass
U.S.S. Enterprise

Item Name: U.S.S. Enterprise Blown Glass Ornament
Manufacturer: Hallmark

Hallmark released this "Crown Reflections" ornament as part of it's 1999 assortment of Keepsake Ornaments.

The Rundown: For Star Trek ornament collectors, this piece is one of the holy grails of the line. It's rarity and fragility move it to the top of most collector's want lists. The ornament can command a hefty price on the secondary market, usually selling between $50 and $70. Is it worth that? Check it out-

This guy isn't like your standard Star Trek Hallmark ornament. It's made of blown glass and is way more "ornamenty" than the regular releases. The standard ornaments can usually double as nice little display pieces, but this one really functions only as an ornament.

The ornament is two-sided, with one side showing the classic Star Trek logo...

...and the other featuring the Enterprise flying through space. Since the ornament is made of blown glass, you can't expect much in the way of detail, but the ship still looks pretty decent and the logo is nice and clean.

And that's about all there is to it. I'd have a hard time recommending this one to anybody but the hardcore ornament guys. At the current price, there's just not enough going on here to justify throwing down that kinda cash. Maybe it's just me and I don't appreciate the whole "blown glass" thing enough though...

Since this one was kinda short...expect another short spotlight today to make up for it!


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  1. I have all the ornaments (except the first, and yellow Uhura) and each year I put up an all-Trek tree. I use this as the tree topper, with the "Star Trek" facing out. Works nicely that way, but it's unfortunate that the silver in the lettering has broken down (I see yours suffers from the same problem on the 'S').