Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Andorian

Figure Name: Andorian
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Playmates released the Andorian on it's "Warp Factor Series" style cardback.

The Rundown: I love Andorians. They didn't make many appearances in the original series, but man did they come into their own on "Enterprise". Oh how I wish there'd have been a fifth season of that show- just to see more of Shran! But I digress...

Playmates based their Andorian on the appearance in "Whom Gods Destroy"...mostly. The figure details the episode on the back, comes with a (great) accessory from the episode, and he's wearing this:

Yep. Giant pink furry thing. So pretty much "Whom Gods Destroy". But not entirely...

If you'll notice in that pic, the Andorian from WGD is just wearing a shirt and checkered pants under his big furry thing. Well, here's where Playmates did something REALLY cool. Cut the little white thread holding the pinkness on, pull it over his head, and you get this:

Which is pretty much a dead ringer for Thelev in "Journey To Babel"! See-

How cool is that? It's like getting 2 figures in one! Sweet bonus Playmates!

The head seems to resemble the WGD Andorian a bit more, since the figure is mostly based on that appearance. Still, it's generic enough that it could pass for Thelev as well...or even a Playmates style Shran custom! Hmmmm....

The only place where I have issue on this figure is the articulation. Since this one of the later "Warp Factor" style figures, some articulation is sacrificed in favor of a more dynamic sculpt. The Andorian only has 5 points of articulation, so you're kinda stuck with one pose.

Accessories: The Andorian includes a display stand (not pictured) and one of the coolest Playmates accessories ever- The rehabilitation chair from "Whom Gods Destroy"! The chair is perfect for slapping your Kirk figure in for some good ol' style torture at the hands of your non-existent Garth figure.

The Andorian is one seriously cool figure. Sure, he's not that articulated, but he has a nice sculpt, can pull double duty as 2 different characters, and has an awesome torture chair to stick Kirk in! Go buy 2!



  1. This was a great figure, with fun accessories. One of Playmates best. Still lovin your blog. thanks!

  2. Playmates have made several "two in one" figures in the past. There's the Trans warping Enterprise and the Mutations line in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I wonder though in this case whether it was intentional or just a nice by-product.
    Thanks for the great reviews! Keep doing 'em Playmates figure reviews :-)

  3. I wonder why they picked that guy when Thelev was so much better known? But like you said, without the pink feather boa he does look close enough. I guess even Andorians like to play "dress up" sometimes.