Thursday, October 22, 2009

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight- Custom Playmates
Kor The Klingon
(From "Errand Of Mercy")

Figure Name: Kor The Klingon
Made by customizer Matthew Hackley

The Rundown: One of the biggest bummers of the original Playmates line is the lack of classic series villains. We got a few (Harry Mudd, the Gorn Captain, Trelane...), but there are so many great classic protagonists that a measly 4 or 5 figures just doesn't cut it. So when Matt and I set out to 'complete' the Playmates Classic Star Trek line, a huge portion of my to-do list for him focused on villains.

...and if there's one set of villains that a good Trek line needs, it's Klingons! Playmates only produced one classic-style 4.5" Klingon: Koltoh. While Koloth is great, and I'm glad to have him, he wouldn't have been my first choice. My top pick would go to this fella here... the original Klingon baddie- Kor!

Since the TOS Klingons all wear basically the same outfit, it's a pretty sure bet that Playmates would have probably reused the Koloth body for any other Klingons that might have been made. Matt did the same thing here, but he repainted it to better match the onscreen appearance.

The outfit did require one major change- The addition of Kor's baldric! Matt made it as a separate, removable piece, which I bet Playmates would have also done so that they could easily reuse Koloth's body.

Obviously, Kor required a new head sculpt for the Koloth body. Kor's unigue features are captured here, from his crazy beard to the little wispy tufts of hair near his ears.

Man, if we had just got another year or so out of the original Playmates line. Koloth came out towards the tail end of the line, so there wasn't enough time to really use that body to it's full potential. I bet we would have seen Kor here, and probably at least Kang as well if sales had kept it afloat just a bit longer. Guess we'll never know... but oh what might have been...


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  1. Beautiful work on a great character from TOS.