Friday, October 30, 2009

DST/ EMCE Spotlight- Chekov
(Mego Style Figure)

Figure Name: Chekov
Manufacturer: Diamond Select & EMCE Toys

Chekov was released by DST & EMCE in vintage style packaging with a resealable clamshell. (Sorry, I don't have a carded pic to show that off...)

The Rundown: It must have been rough to be a Chekov fan during Mego's original Star Trek run. The most you could do was throw a Kirk outfit on a different Mego and pretend your favorite Russian helmsman had been promoted. Well, DST and EMCE have made it possible for you to ditch the lame custom and add a real Chekov to your Mego ranks!

Chekov looks great! The uniform (like all the reissues) fits well and looks very nice & bright. Chekov may look a little too shiny new to fit in with your vintage guys...but you could always dirty him up a bit to give him that "played with" feel.

EMCE did a fine job on the head. It looks very much like Chekov, but not so much that it would lose the Mego charm. That's a tough balance to hit, but I think EMCE got it right.

The body style was great back in the 70's, and it's still great now. EMCE puts out a body that ups the quality and durability of the original Mego version, so you're getting a figure that can definitely hold up to some play time.

Accessories: Chekov includes a belt, phaser, communicator, and a tricorder.

This one may not appeal to all Trek toy collectors, but it's a no brainer for Mego fans! It's taken 30 years to expand the crew...but this one was actually worth the wait and does not disappoint.


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  1. This is my first time seeing Chekov. Anyway, he is so unique because of his accesories.