Friday, September 11, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Captain Scott (TNG)

Figure Name: Captain Scott
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Playmates released this Scotty as part of their "Star Trek: The Next Generation" line.

The Rundown: What's this? A TNG figure sneaking onto my blog!?!? Well, yes and no. Sure, this Scott was released as part of the TNG line based on his appearance in the excellent episode "Relics", but Scotty is a TOS character first and foremost. Therefore I've always considered this figure (and for that matter the TNG McCoy and Spock) to be a "Classic" figure.

Man, was I excited about this figure when it hit! Since the attire is basically the same, this Scotty can easily pass for a movie era Scott, which thrilled me to no end. About the only thing that keeps it from being movie accurate is the TNG style communicator pin, but that's so tiny that you can easily ignore it.

The body sculpt is really good and captures the older, *ahem* fuller Scotty pretty well. I especially like the detail on the vest and the ribbing at the end of the sleeves. The vest hinders the hip articulation a bit, but it's not like you'll be putting this Scott in a bunch of gymnastic poses anyways.

Playmates did some really nice work on the head sculpt too. It may be a bit stoic for Scott, but it still looks very much like Doohan.

Accessories: Scott includes a bunch of reused TNG stuff. He's got a TNG style display base (not pictured), a dilithium crystal, an engineering monitor, a couple of bio-engineering tools, and a multi-range light source. Perfect items to help the miracle-worker do his biz-nass...

Box bio:

Captain Scott is a fine figure and a great addition to your movie era Playmates crew. I believe this is the only way you can get a Scott figure in this attire, so if you want him like this, you better start collecting Playmates!



  1. Man what a great figure Playmates did here! The detail is excellent! I remember the night I got this one @ Toys R Us and I also got Ambasador Spock and Admiral McCoy! :)

    I always wanted the generations scotty too but never got the chance.

  2. Agreed a great figure as was Admiral McCoy.

    Then we have TNG Ambassador Spock. The design of his tunic makes sitting an impossibility. But they messed up on his size too! He was pre-teen Spock.

    Oh well.