Saturday, September 12, 2009

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight-
Colorforms Star Trek Adventure Set

Item Name: Colorforms Star Trek Adventure Set
Manufactured By: Colorforms Toys

The Rundown: Though I was born a few years after the release of this set back 1975, I did grow up in the age of colorforms. I would have LOVED to have had this set as a kid, as colorforms were some of my favorite playtime accessories when I was just a wee Trekkie.

The first thing you notice on this set is the beautiful box illustration of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy with the Enterprise soaring behind them. It's a beautiful piece and I'd buy a poster of it in a hot minute.

Inside the box are 2 small cardboard sheets covered in colorforms. The larger one has various Kirk parts, someone in mid-beam, a Romulan Bird-Of-Prey, the Enterprise, a bunch of alien parts (including what appears to be the head of Dr. Sevrin from "The Way To Eden"), and various other parts.

The smaller piece has Spock, McCoy, and Uhura parts, plus random pieces to apply on the viewscreen and body parts for Dr. Sevrin. It really boggles my mind that out of all the cool Trek aliens to choose from, colorforms settled on Dr. Sevrin. Why not a Gorn or a Klingon? I mean there's even a Romulan ship here...why not a random Romulan? I guess you could kinda make the case that the large head piece is maybe Balok's puppet... but it doesn't have the same resemblance that the Dr. Sevrin piece has. Weird...

There's a small booklet also included in the box. It features the same beautiful art on it's front cover... example of what you can do with your set on the interior...

...and a note to parents on the merits of colorforms on the end. I improved the six important skills listed there by making my own beautiful scene:

I took inspiration from the classic episodes, with a few movie moments mixed in. Kirk is applying his patented drop kick to an unsuspecting alien, McCoy is in the midst of a cordrazine-induced hysteria, Spock is putting the moves on Uhura (shades of Star Trek '09), and an evil double of Kirk is sneaking off to make time with Yeoman Rand, who's busy off-screen botching a transportation (Star Trek: TMP). Since there's no Scotty piece, the disembodied head of Dr. Sevrin is manning the engineering station.

Colorforms rule. The set is a bit pricey nowadays...but man is it fun.


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