Sunday, September 27, 2009

Star Trek The Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition Extras-
"The Man Trap"

All the extras from the Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition of "The Man Trap". Not a big fan of the guy they get from TV Guide... Many of the things he says on these things seem inaccurate.


  1. James, I don't mean to put you on the spot, but I was curious as to which of the TV Guide guy comments were the ones that you found to be inaccurate. I'm wondering if I'm under some misconceptions because I don't think I have an issue with anything he said.

  2. No problem! Stuff like saying that "NBC was dragged into the project kicking and screaming" is just way off. NBC would have just said "no" if they didn't want the show. They supported it when the show first started or there wouldn't have been a show. And saying Gene intended it to be "wagon train to the stars" and ended up with something headier is backwards. Gene sold it as "wagon train to the stars" but always intended it to be more. That's why "The Cage" was rejected. He told them he'd give them a western in space to sell it, but he always wanted it to be more of a morality play than that. This guy makes it sound like Gene just kinda fell into it when all he wanted to do was cowboys in space.

    I highly recommend the book "Inside Star Trek" by Bob Justman and Herb Solow. It clears up a lot of the rumors that have spread over the years (which it sounds like this guy listened to).

  3. Oh, thanks for your articulate explanation, James. I tend to overlook hyperbole in statements like "NBC was dragged into the project kicking and screaming." And I tend to process statements from the point of view of who's making the statement. I believe Gene even had a tendency to say things that shone a positive light on himself.

    I've read "Inside Star Trek." I love reading these inside accounts. I'm currently listening to the lengthy video interview with Bob Justman from the Archive of American Television Interviews posted on YouTube. There are also other interviews with Star Trek luminaries like D.C. Fontana.

  4. I'll have to check those out! I'm always up for some good Justman interviews...