Friday, September 18, 2009

Reading Room Spotlight-
"Star Trek- Assignment: Eternity"
By Greg Cox

I have a whole bunch of Star Trek books. Lots. There's a bunch I have read, a bunch I haven't read, and a bunch that I can't remember if I've read or not. So I decided to pick up each one and treat it as if it's new. As a supplement to my regular spotlights, I'm going to throw in one of these recommendations (or in some cases warnings) every once in awhile to help steer people on their Trek literary journeys. I started off reading them in order, but then I got on a Gary Seven kick again and decided to jump forward to this one. Man, am I glad I did...

This book is seriously the best Trek book I have ever read. Greg Cox does a phenomenal job of characterization here, especially with Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. As I read it, I could almost hear the actor's speaking their lines. The plot revolves around Mr. Seven and Miss Lincoln commandeering the Enterprise on a trip through Romulan space in an attempt to prevent a future catastrophe involving everyone's favorite Vulcan. The setting moves from 1969 all the way up through the closing moments of Star Trek VI effortlessly and not once did I find myself scratching my head as I have with many other time-travel tales. Cox keeps the action coming fast and furious and I couldn't put the book down once I started it.

Go to half price books or some other local used book store and give this book a reading. It's an especially welcome treat for Gary Seven fans like me who have always yearned to see more of his adventures. Oh, and the closing comments of the book leave the reader wanting more...which Gregory Cox fulfills with his Khan books, also featuring Gary Seven...


  1. So soon we'll see your opinions on the Rise and Fall of Khan Nonien Singh trilogy.

  2. I agree with you on this one James. I love how Cox dropped in little easter eggs too...a team-up with a certain Doctor and one of his companions was great. The Khan trilogy would have mad an awesome mini-series!