Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight- Custom Playmates
Commodore Matt Decker
("The Doomsday Machine")

Figure Name: Commodore Matt Decker
Made by customizer Matthew Hackley

The Rundown: The poor Decker family... Commodore Matt here loses his entire crew to a crazy space machine and then goes bonkers, tries to sacrifice the Enterprise, and ends up piloting a shuttlecraft to his death in a failed attempt at destroying said machine. Oh, and then his son Willard grows up fatherless, falls in love with a Deltan just to watch her die and then be brought back as a weird space probe, then continues his dad's martyr complex by allowing himself to be merged into a weird glowing energy pattern. Makes you wonder what happened to Mama Decker...

Anyways... Decker here is another entry in the "What if Playmates had kept the Star Tek TOS license?" line of customs from Matthew Hackley. "Doomsday Machine" is one of my favorite episodes, so getting Matt to do a figure based on the crazed Commodore was a sure-thing. I figured this would be one of the simpler customs of the batch, but Matt put a lot of effort into this one, especially the head sculpt-

I wish the pic could pic up the paint detailing a bit better, because Matt really did a fine job on Decker's face. He's got the crazed, weary eyes, the unshaven face, the worry lines in the forehead...oh, and the sculpt on the hair is very nice too, capturing Decker's disheveled look.

Since Decker wears the basic Starfleet Uniform, there wasn't much work needed on the body, other than giving him the Commodore ranking on the sleeves, and the Constellation insignia on the chest. I really like the insignia work especially.

Decker makes another fine addition to the "What If?" line. It's a figure that would have been fairly easy for Playmates to have produced, and I suspect they probably would have done him eventually based on the low cost to produce. Ah, if they'd have only kept it going for a little while longer...

Oh well- At least I've got this Hackley original! Now I can recreate my favorite "Non-Kirk" TOS fight scene: The epic Decker vs. Red Shirt battle!

Please go back and rewatch this fight when you get a chance! Focus on the red shirt's sweet hand moves.... they are awesome.


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