Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Montgomery Scott
(Star Trek Generations)

Figure Name: Montgomery Scott
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Scotty was released carded as part of the Star Trek Generations line.

The Rundown: I mentioned in yesterday's Ertl Scotty post that there were a couple of alternative figures available of Mr. Scott in the red movie uniform. I figured it might be fun to take a trip through time over the next 2 spotlights and show those other figures. First up- Star Trek Generations Scotty!

One of the 3 original crew that appeared in Star Trek Generations, Scotty got the figure treatment along with Kirk and Chekov. Since the classic crew wore pretty much the same uniforms throughout films II-VI, these 3 figures work great for completing a classic crew in movie uniforms (though you'll have to do some custom head switching to complete the rest). Scotty's build unfortunately prevents you from using the body for anybody else really (unless you want a slightly portly Kirk).

As mentioned in the TNG Scotty spotlight, Playmates did a fantastic job on the older Scott head. It looks very much like Doohan. The somewhat concerned expression actually works better here since you could say this look is based on a post-Kirk-death Scotty.

The body sculpt is very nicely detailed and does a fine job of capturing the movie look. The figure isn't as articulated as I'd like though, with only 5 moving joints. What's worse is that the hips are kinda useless due to the long uniform shirt. Oh well...at least he looks good.

Accessories: Ugh. Playmates included a display base (not pictured), a phaser, a communicator, and a tricorder. They are all based off of the classic series versions and are totally out of place with this figure...unless you are reenacting Scotty's visit to the Federation museum or something.

Box bio-

Scotty's a decent figure that was pretty tough to find during his original release. He's pretty cheap nowadays, and is worth picking up at a lower cost, but the lack of articulation holds him back from being the top "movie uniform" Scotty. That honor goes to tomorrow's figure...


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  1. Wow it must be Scotty week :)
    I've been waiting for this one!
    Looking forward to tomorrows review!