Friday, July 10, 2009

Game Spotlight- Star Trek Playing Card Giftset


Item Name: Star Trek Playing Card Giftset
Manufacturer: Vandor Gifts


The Rundown: Yep, there sure are a bunch of Star Trek games hitting right now. Some are really fun (like the Star Trek Uno game I spotlighted recently)....others not so much. This playing card set falls into the latter category. I was pretty excited when I saw this solicited in Previews magazine. I was really hoping for a nice, unique set of playing cards. Yeah, that's not what you get.


I will give Vandor this- the tin is nice. It's thick and the graphic is brightly colored. The only thing I don't like is the weird 'dot-matrixy' look of the picture. I know that's an artistic style they decided on, but it doesn't appeal to me in the least. To each his own I guess...


Inside the tin are 2 decks of cards, one with Spock on the back, one with Kirk. They both have the same 'dot-matrixy' look to the pic. I opened up the Kirk pack to see what kinda cool pics and stuff they did to the card faces and.....nothing. They are just standard playing card faces!?!? That's it! I didn't bother to take a pic since everyone in the world knows what playing cards look like.

Here was an opportunity to make a really cool product, and Vandor blew it. How much cooler would it have been to have a Kirk pic on the King card, Spock on the Jack, Uhura on the queen (or different Kirk ladies for each suit!), Trelane on the Joker card, etc etc... That's what I was expecting and I was REALLY disappointed to see that they just took a regular old card set and threw a Kirk and Spock pic on the back and called it a day. This set is the absolute definition of slapping the Star Trek brand name on crap and charging extra for it. At $15 suggested retail, avoid this one like the plague. The tin is somewhat nice, but the contents are far from...


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