Friday, May 29, 2009

AA/ DST Figure Spotlight- Captain Kirk
With Electronic Command Chair


Figure Name: Captain Kirk (with Electronic Command Chair)
Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys


Diamond Select Toys went back to the well again and released this Kirk with Command chair as a boxed single release.


The Rundown: Diamond Select loves Kirk and his chair. This represents the 3rd incarnation of Kirk and chair (and the 4th time the chair has been released in some form). And we still have at least 2 more coming- the Tribbles version, and the Mirror Universe Version! That's alotta chairs! Can we please get some other bridge parts!??! Is it too much to ask for a Spock with science station, a Sulu with helm, an Uhura with communications console! Ahem...excuse me...on with the rundown. Let's start with Kirk-


The Kirk is your current standard Diamond Select version. Pretty similar to the recent single carded rerelease, and I'm sure we'll see the same in the upcoming 2 pack. The highlight of this figure is the pants and boots. The paint choices DST made are perfect. The boots are a shiny contrast to the flat color of the pants. In my opinion, a much nicer job than the original AA release.


The upper body is where things falter a bit. DST has used the AA McCoy shirt mold on all of it's gold shirt Kirk reissues. The shirt mold doen't fit the Kirk chest very well and makes the figure look a little strange, almost like Kirk's shirt shrunk in the wash. I wish they'd find the original AA Kirk shirt mold beacuse it's far superior. The color that DST used for the shirt on thei release is nicer than the AA though, so at least that's a plus. It's too bad the paint job is somewhat sloppy on alot of the ones I've seen...


Onto the chair... The chair is pretty much the same sculpt-wise as the previous releases. It's a really nice, screen-accurate version of the chair. This release, however, has the added bonus of electronics!


Press the blue panel on Kirk's right, and you'll get speech clips and the panels will light up! Press the panel again and again to hear classic Shatner lines!


Press the switches panel on Kirk's left and you'll get sound effects and lights!

Now, to hear all the sound effects, you can't just keep pressing the switches panel liek you do the 'voice' panel. You'll have to press the blue voice panel first, then the switches panel in sequence to hear the effects. Here's what you'll get-

Voice clip- "Position Report Spock"
Effects clip- Computer sounds

Voice clip- "Prepare to attack, all hands battle stations."
Effects clip- Phasers firing

Voice clip- "Chekov arm photon torpedoes"
Effects clip- Photon torpedoes firing

Voice clip- "Resume course to our next detination Mr. Sulu"
Effects clip- Ship's engines

Voice clip- "This is Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise"
Effects clip- Computer sounds

Voice clip- "Lt. Uhura open a channel to all decks"
Effects clip- Communications whistle

Voice clip- "Security alert to all decks, Kirk out."
Effects clip- Alert siren

Voice clip- "Kirk to engineering; Mr. Scott- report."
Effects clip- Ship getting hit


So, yeah there's alot of sounds on this thing. The panels light up pretty well too, but the paint on them is a bit sloppy. Still, if you're only going to buy one standard chair, this is the one to get. The Kirk is pretty good, an the chair is awesome.



  1. Kirk's thought:
    $2200!!! Gene should come in here and chop this thing up!

  2. Don't forget... if you hold down the "speech" button for 5 seconds, you'll get the entire opening monologue of the show, sans music.

    Hold down the "FX" button, and you'll get continuously looped bridge background sounds.

    Both those options leave the lights in a "constant on" mode

  3. otaku5003- James, I was actually planning on sculpting bridge components for the DST scale figures.