Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playmates Figure Spotlight- Gorn Captain (12")


Figure Name: Gorn Captain
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys


The Gorn Captain was released boxed as part the third wave of 12" figures. (Sorry, don't have a packaged pic for ya...)


The Rundown: So we go from a really bad Gorn yesterday, to a fairly decent one today. The Playmates 12" line was pretty hit or miss. The crew figures aren't all that great, but the "Piece Of The Action" and alien figures (including the Romulan Kirk) are for the most part pretty good. The Gorn here is one of the better figures produced in the line...


The head sculpt is pretty spot on and well painted. Playmates even went to the trouble of sculpting new arms and legs instead of just reusing parts from their standard body. The hand sculpts are especially well-detailed. And the outfit is pretty sharp too...


Pretty nice and screen accurate. I'd say my only gripes with the figure are that it's a wee bit skinny and it could use a little more articulation. Something simple like a swivel wrist joint would have done wonders. The figure is overall very nice though and makes a great addition to the old 12" line or the new 2009 12" line.


Accessories: The Gorn comes with a big stick and his black rock dagger to attack Kirk with. He also comes with the funky translator/ communicator/ recording device supplied my the Metrons.

And in case you want to read his box bio-



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  1. Do you know if there is an online list of all the 12" Playmates Star Trek figures? I have both Playmates Sulus (1999 and 2009) and an Original Series Chekov from 1999.

    I wrote a blog article about the Sulus, but I would love to do a post with links about 12"-12.5" Playmates and/or Remco Star Trek action figures for my probably non-Trekkie readers. Is there a website or blog that you would recommend for this?

    Thanks for reading. I enjoyed reading your post on the 12" figures.

    D7ana aka Dana

    P.S. I sent an email message to you, but in case that gets "lost in space" (wink), I sending the query here as well.