Friday, June 5, 2009

Mego Figure Spotlight- Rigellian
(3&3/4" 'The Motion Picture' Figure)


Figure Name: Rigellian
Manufacturer: Mego Toys Corp.


The Rigellian was released carded as part of the scarce second series of Mego 3&3/4" Star Trek: The Motion Picture figures. (sorry, no carded pic here)


The Rundown: As with all the Mego TMP aliens, this figure is pretty great for it's time. These figures came out around the same time as Kenner's Empire strikes Back line and they'd give any alien figure in that line a run for it's money. The Rigellian here is a very quirky looking figure with a really fantastic, thin alien sculpt. The only problem is that it's not a Rigellian. It's a Saurian. See? Saurian-


And Mego's *ahem* "Rigellian"-


See? the sculpt looks a whole heckuva lot more accurate when you get the name right! I really dig the Mego TMP aliens. They're all really great sculpts for the time...and it's cool that Mego really took a cue from the Kenner Star wars figures and mixed some background aliens into the line! If you can't get this one at a decent price, snag it up!

Accessories: Nada. So don't go looking for any!


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  1. I uncovered another mystery with the Mego "Rigellian"-who-is-really-Saurian!

    The Saurians in TMP wore regular white Starfleet jumpsuits, but look at the curve of the "fabric" on the action figure's chest. It's inspired by the white costumes made for TMP's actual Rigellians! I only realized when creating my Rigellian custom! Check both out by scrolling down after clicking HERE!