Saturday, August 29, 2009

AA/ DST Spotlight- Captain James T. Kirk
In Dress Uniform
(TOS Reissue)

Figure Name: Captain James T. Kirk In Dress Uniform
Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys

DST reissued this Dress Uniform Kirk as a single-carded Toys R Us Exclusive.

The Rundown: Originally released in a 2-pack with Khan, DST brought Dress Unifrom Kirk back as part of it's exclusive deal with Toys R Us. The figure is only slightly tweaked from it's original release.

The most noticeable change is in the skin tone. The original release had more of a reddish tint to the skin than the reissue has. It's a little tough to tell by the pic, but the reissue has a bit more yellow to the skin. I prefer the original, but that's just me.

The shirt is almost identical, with the same excellent paint app on the medals. The drawback with the reissue is that there's an indentation in the shirt from the packaging twist-tie. It seems like all of the reissues are going to be stuck with this imperfection. Hey DST! Lose the twist-tie around the waist!

The last minor change is the stance. The original release stands with his feet pretty close together while the reissue stands a bit more spread apart. I don't know if it's just due to the way it's packaged, but it's definitely noticeable on mine. Not a huge deal, but the wider stance does look a little goofier, especially when he's in a dress uniform.

Accessories: Kirk comes with a phaser and communicator. The original release also included a tricorder.

So is he worth picking up? Not really, unless you're a completest like me or if you missed out on the original 2 pack. There's just not enough new here to justify picking him up again. And if you did miss out on the original and you're thinking of getting this one, you may just want to shop around for the 2 pack. You can probably get it for about what TRU is charging for this one if you look around enough, plus you get a really great Khan figure.


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  1. Love this figure, but you're right: 2-pack is the way to go. Diamond Select is so afraid of variety not being bankable, and that's killing this, otherwise, terrific toy-line! It's too bad.