Saturday, August 8, 2009

AA/ DST Spotlight- Gorn

Figure Name: Gorn
Manufacturer Art Asylum

The Gorn was released carded as part of Art Asylum's third wave of Classic Star Trek figures.

The Rundown: Art Asylum's first 2 waves of Classic Star Trek figures were great, sure... but what about some alien bad guys? We got Khan with the first wave, and I guess you could say the Mirror Kirk and Spock of the second wave could kinda be considered villains...but that's it. Then along came pics of the third wave, and we got treated to AA's treatment of one of the most famous classic adversaries- The Gorn!

Look at that Gorn! Art Asylum really pulled out all the stops on this one. The sculpt on the body is fantastic! The texture and paint of the body looks almost exactly like the costume from the episode!

The head looks almost exactly like the mask from the episode! The mouth and eyes are particularly nice. I can almost hear him saying "I will be mer-ci-ful...". Oh, and Mr. Gorn's head is mounted on a hidden ball joint, giving you a really nice range of movement.

It is really tough to nitpick this guy, but if I absolutely had to pick a flaw, it would be in the hips. They are a bit wide to accommodate the articulation, and hip joint is sometimes visible from behind the, uh, 'skirt'. It's not really a huge deal, and I think it's worth it to get the huge range of movement the hips have.

Accessories: The Gorn includes his stone dagger thing and the Metron translator. I'm really hoping the 2-pack rerelease comes with a homemade cannon for Kirk...

If you don't have this figure yet, well, you need it. I can't stress enough how awesome this guy is. Just like the Playmates version, no AA/ DST Classic Star Trek display is complete without this guy. He'll soon be rereleased in a 2-pack with a battle-damaged Kirk, so you'll have absolutely no excuse for not owning this once that hits. A definite must-buy.



  1. Aye, an absolutely fabulous figure. But, then, I have always had a sweet spot for the Gorn.

  2. The figure has more articulation than the original costume had.


  3. Got this figure today
    It's fabulous. The head sculpt is even much better than my Sideshow collectibles bust.
    Look at those leg joints!He can open wide.
    The guy is in shape, actually he is working out at Jane Fonda's vhs right now.
    One cool thing i had not realiced in the pictures...he is doing the Vulcan Salute!


  4. This Art Asylum/DST Gorn figure is a masterpiece! Love the pics you post, James. Not only are they always sharp, but the poses are often fun!

    You know, for all the Gorn jokes I do on my blog - Bad News From Outer Space - I am woefully understocked on the Gorn action figure front. I gotta remedy that, asap.

    After all, I really do need something to keep my Planet of the Apes figure company (the big ape's my proof-reader)!

    And the original Mego "Gorn" with its Lizard head on a Klingon's body looks like one of the "cannibalized" toys from Toy Story!