Monday, August 10, 2009

Galoob Spotlight- Sybok
("Star Trek V: The Final Frontier")

Figure Name: Sybok
Manufacturer: Galoob Toys

Sybok was released boxed as part of Galoob's "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" line.

The Rundown: Ugh, I really dread doing the spotlights on the Galoob Star Trek V line. I like to try and point out the good points on every figure I put on here, but man is hard to find the good points on these. Sybok is one of the best of the bunch, but even he is a chore.

In case you don't know, the Star Trek V line isn't your standard action figure line. These overpriced turds are just overly-large, non-articulated, poorly-sculpted, roto-cast vinyl figures permanently glued to their bases. Yuck. Sybok here is probably the best sculpt of the bunch. The details on the costume are at least pretty nice.

The head sculpt too is really one of the nicest you'll find in the line. It looks sufficiently enough like Luckinbill that you can tell the figure is at least supposed to be him (unlike some of the other figures). To me, there is a major flaw in the head though:

Look how clean-cut Sybok is! They didn't even try to capture the frantic frazzled look of Sybok's hair. This Sybok looks much more proper than his film counterpart.

The figures are all mounted on these stands, which are pretty nice at least. The stand has the Star Trek V movie logo etched in it, which is kinda cool. Too bad there's a very mediocre figure stuck to the top of it.

I forgot to show this when I spotlighted Kirk, but each of the Galoob figures come with a little cardboard backdrop to stick behind them. Sadly enough, this little piece of cardboard is my favorite thing about this figure. It almost looks like a McQuarrie painting to me!

2 Galoobs down...3 to go!



  1. Looks like they made the Sybok's head based on him near the end. Throughout the film he had long hair scraggy beard and his costume was one way.

    All of a sudden when he along with KSM made their way to Sha'Ka'Ree in the shuttecraft. He's had a haircut his beard's trimmed and a nice clean robe/tunic!

    Well when ya meet God you have to look your best!


  2. I think his head sculpt looks like General Zod from Superman 2. Not really a fan.

  3. I am also not a fan, and yet I own it. Addiction is a bad thing...

  4. otaku5003, OK, i was extremely disappointed when i learned that Sybok was glued to his base, i thought this was my chance to get another vulcan besides spock,which blows chunks. AA/DST WERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love how the font for "paradise" in "paradise lost" is Star Wars.