Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Captain James Kirk
As A Romulan (12")

Figure Name: Captain James Kirk (As A Romulan)
Manufacturer: Playmates

Playmates released this 12" Romulan Kirk as Star Trek Communicator exclusive. (Sorry, no packaged pic on this one)

The Rundown: The Playmates 12" TOS figures are pretty spiffy in some cases. Romulan Kirk here is one of the nicer figures of the batch! He may be light on accessories, but he makes up for it in other departments.

Kirk has the same standard body used on the males in the line. It's got a decent amount of articulation and can hold quite a few poses. The biggest flaw on the body is the overly buff proportions, but thankfully the outfit on this figure does a good job of drawing some attention away from that.

The outfit is a very nice translation of the episode's costume. Playmates did a good job of simulating the knitted look of the Romulan garb. The shoulder sash is especially good, with a bit of detailing in the back-

Sure, there's a couple of things you could nitpick on the outfit, like the sleeves not coming down onto the hands, but overall it's a decent job, especially for the time of it's release.

Hey, look, a new Kirk head! Playmates couldn't just reuse the Kirk head here since he's all romulaned-out. I think the head is fantastic! The detailing on the ears and the lines around the eyes are pretty great. Makes me wish they would have scaled it down and used it in the 4.5" line...

Accessories: None. That's the biggest bummer of the figure. Still, the good outweighs the bad on this one, so I can let it go.

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