Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blaze's Star Trek Drawing...

I love my sons. I've got 2 boys, Blaze (who just turned 7) and Keaton (2), and they are just plain awesome. The 2 of them love Star Trek just as much as I do. Keaton will sometimes only go to sleep if he's watching "Dirk and Pock" and Blaze is known throughout the school as "the kid who loves Star Trek". He's even got all of his friends at school into the adventures of Kirk & Spock. Every day when I pick him up, he tells me about playing Star Trek at recess. A bunch of the other boys in his class get in on it, playing different characters that Blaze tells them about. His best school buddy Matt(I say that because as Blaze says "Dad, you're my best buddy...Matt's just my best buddy at school") is always in on the action, playing Spock to Blaze's Kirk. It's really awesome to see how much Blaze loves the show and the characters.

Well, today when I picked him up, he told me he had done a drawing of the scenario that he and Matt would be acting out tomorrow at recess. Blaze does Star Trek drawings for me all the time, but I really loved this one and the story behind it, so I thought I'd share it with everybody:

Blazes explanation: "An alien with 6 arms is destroying the planet and Kirk and Spock have to stop him. Spock's phaser messes up right when the alien goes to attack him, so Kirk tries to help him. Kirk's phaser messes up too though, and starts shooting everywhere, so the Enterprise beams down some extra phasers to help them.... but the six armed alien grabs them all and starts shooting at Spock and Kirk! Kirk calls the Enterprise and has them shoot phasers from the ship at the alien. Oh, and there was some lightning too like in 'Mirror, Mirror'."

Awesome. I especially love the surprised look on Spock's face as he's being shot in the face by the alien, Kirk's sweet hairdo, and the totally in-character cocky grin on Kirk's face. That's my boy!

UPDATE- So I showed the drawing to my friend Matt at work last night, and explained the scenario that Blaze was depicting. Matt dug it, and since he's a darned good artist, he used Blaze's setting and scenario to make this drawing for me to give to Blaze:

Blaze thought it was awesome and said "It looks like Matt's drawing comes after mine, because the giant has lost all his phasers. Oh, and it looks like the giant has a beard now, which is a detail I hadn't though of. Nice work! Matt and I should work together more often." Good stuff. I made a photocopy so Blaze could add the final touch of color:



  1. That is AWESOME. I went through a Universal Monsters obsession when my son Isaac was really young, and he surprised me one day with a drawing of them. Priceless.