Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hot Wheels Spotlight-
USS Enterprise In Spacedock
(SDCC Exclusive)


Item Name: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Undergoing refit in spacedock)
Manufacturer: Mattel (Hot Wheels Division)


Mattel released this Enterprise as a SDCC 2009 exclusive.


The Rundown: Continuing the series of SDCC 2009 exclusive spotlights, here's Mattel's 1:50 scale Enterprise exclusive! Mattel took their TMP Enterprise sculpt, changed the paint scheme a bit, and created a nifty new box to display it in.


The display box is pretty cool, especially closed. It really does look like the ship is in spacedock! It's a little tough to see the ship through the sides, but it's pretty visible when you look through the front. The display box opens in the middle, and the side are supposed to then swing down to form the base. I say 'supposed to' because it doesn't work all that well. The sides pop off from the base pretty easily and it's a little tough to get them into the stand position.


The ship is the same sculpt as before, but it now has an 'under construction' paint scheme. There's little spots where the outer hull is missing and you can see little workings inside. The detailing is really cool and kinda makes me wish Diamond Select would do one like this.


Unlike the regular version, this Enterprise seems to be screwed into the base. I'm sure this is to keep it in the display so it's not flopping around in there. I haven't tried to unscrew it yet to check out the bottom...mostly because it looks great in the spacedock and there's really no point in it being out of it.

Pretty awesome job, other than the slight problems switching it into a display. I'd recommend this one if you can get it for the right price. I don't think it's worth the current $40-ish price tag it's going for though...



  1. Do you happen to know since this was a Comic Con Exclusive how many of these ships were produced? Also I like to collect small scale Star Trek ships here and there . I have a few by Hot Wheels , Johnny Lightning and Furuta. The problem I am having is that most of these manufacturers have stopped production of their Star Trek lines. I still get a few off of Ebay and Amazon every now and again but does anyone know any where else that I might be able to find some of these for a decent price and also does anyone know of any companies that might be coming out with a new line of Star Trek miniature ships?

    1. Were you ever able to find an answer to this?

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