Friday, August 28, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Dr. McCoy
(Transporter Series)

Figure Name: Dr. McCoy
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Playmates released Dr. McCoy as part of it's boxed assortment of Transporter Series figures.

The Rundown: Another figure from Playmates Transporter Series, it's everyone's favorite cantankerous doctor- Leonard "Bones" McCoy! I'll bet Bones would hate this figure. McCoy doesn't like to be beamed. Kinda like BA from the A-Team hated getting on planes...

You know how this gimmick works right? Oh, you don't? Well, it's pretty nifty. Grab the good doctor, force him onto the transporter base, press the button...and voila! McCoy's molecules get scrambled across space! Okay not really. Actually it just makes some transporter noises and a light shines up from the base illuminating the translucent parts of the figure. A pretty cool effect, especially in the dark.

The figure is just a reworked version of the Classic Crew Set McCoy. The head sculpt is good, though maybe just a tad too thick at the neck. They did do a good job getting a good amount of "character wrinkles" into the face though. You can tell by the look on his face that he's not happy he's about to be beamed over and over again by an overly zealous 6 year old. That is until the batteries run out...

As stated earlier, the transporter figures are molded in translucent plastic to facilitate the beaming effect. It makes the figure pretty useless off of the base, but oh well.

Accessories: McCoy only comes with his transporter base. It has his name printed on it so he knows where to stand.

Bio time!

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