Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Ensign Chekov
In Environmental Suit
(9" Figure From "The Tholian Web")

Figure Name: Ensign Chekov In Environmental Suit
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Environmental Chekov was released as a Target Exclusive in the "Warp Factor"-style 9" series box. (Sorry, no boxed pic)

The Rundown: Continuing the Environmental Suit 9" figure spotlights.... here's Chekov! Everybody's favorite Russian crewmember spent a little time in the Environmental Suit in "The Tholian Web", and Playmates did a fine job of translating that look into this 9" doll (*ahem* I mean 'action figure').

The outfit and helmet are the same as the ones used on Spock. The detailing is really quite nice. Playmates did a heck of a job getting this one just right. The helmet fits on perfectly, and the costume material is a very nice approximation of the screen used uniform.

...and just like Spock, this one has the oven mitts. Like I said in the Spock review though, there was really no other good way of doing the gloves.

The only different parts on the Environmental Suit figures are the heads. Chekov's head seems a little off to me. Maybe the nose is too skinny...or maybe there's a little too much age to the face. I don't know what it is, but there's definitely something a little off about the likeness. It's a decent head still, but not nearly as nice as Playmates' 4.5" scale likeness.

Accessories: Chekov includes a display stand (not pictured), his helmet, a phaser, and a communicator.

And his little bio-

Oh, and a little side note-

Why Chekov as chosen over McCoy to get the Environmental Suit treatment is beyond me. I've heard that McCoy was planned for a later wave, and that his spot was possibly replaced by a Seven of Nine figure. Making an Environmental Suit 9" McCoy (like the one above) is a very simple head switch though, so it's very surprising that Playmates didn't find some kind of a home for him. A few of us over at the trektoy forums are trying to verify if they possibly ever did sneak one past us, so if you happen to have any solid information that one was indeed released, please shoot me an e-mail at apieceoftheaction@live.com. Thanks!

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  1. Nice review. And by the way I saw a listing somewhere (new force comics?) for a enviromental suit McCoy. Don't know if the source was legit though....