Sunday, August 23, 2009

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight- Taco Bell
"Star Trek III: The Search For Spock"
Drinking Glass Set

Item Name: "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" Drinking Glass Set
Available From: Taco Bell

The Rundown: I've been on a streak of figure spotlights lately, so I thought it was time to mix it up a bit and spotlight something a little different. Looking around the basement the other day, my collection of Star Trek glasses caught my eye, so I figured "why not?".

The Star Trek III glass set was available through Taco Bell, and is probably the easiest-to-acquire and least expensive of the glass sets (well, okay the 2009 BK movie set is easier and cheaper, but that's a different ball of wax). It's a well done set, and the glasses all feature really nice crisp images on them. There are four different glasses:

"Spock Lives", which features a depiction of Spock at 3 different ages on the front and...

...his open torpedo casket on the back. The text reads: "Through the wonders of the Genesis Effect, the lifeless body of Captain Spock evolves from an infant to a grown man in a matter of days."

"Enterprise Destroyed" ,(my fav of the 4) which features a great image of the Enterprise self-destructing on the front and...

...a shot of Kirk, Scott, and McCoy witnessing the destruction on the back. The text reads: "Scotty, Kirk and McCoy of the U.S.S. Enterprise watch in safety as the great starship, their home for the last 20 years, self-destructs in the skies above them."

"Lord-Kruge", which has a moody image of Kruge on the front and...

...a shot of the final battle between Kirk and Kruge on the back. The text reads: "On a high peak of the artificially-created Genesis Planet, Admiral James T. Kirk and Klingon battle in a life and death struggle."

"Fal-Tor-Pan", which has an image of the Vulcan priestess performing the ritual on McCoy and Spock on the front and... image of a happy Spock and Kirk on the back. The text reads: "In a mystical ceremony on the planet Vulcan, the priestess rejoins Spock's essence with his body. Restored to his former state, Spock is reunited with his friend Kirk."

The set is really sharp, and since it's relatively inexpensive, you can actually use them without fear of breaking a pricey collectible. Perfect for entertaining a group of your Trek friends! Just don't fill them up with Romulan Ale...

Oh, and here's the original commercial (care of for your viewing pleasure!


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