Sunday, August 16, 2009

Star Trek 'Potpourri' Spotlight-
Mirror Universe Spock
Unproduced Sci Fi Metropolis 12" Figure

Figure Name: Spock (From "Mirror, Mirror")
Manufacturer: Sci Fi Metropolis (Unproduced)

The Rundown: Mirror Spock here was part of the initial 8 figures prototyped my Sci Fi Metropolis as part of their unproduced 1/6th scale Star Trek line. Mirror Spock didn't make it as far in the prototyping process that some of the other figures did, but you can definitely see the potential in this early version.

Many of the costuming details weren't completed before SFM's deal fell through. The chest adornments are missing, the gold sash is a quick addition, and the long boots were not completed. The shirt is pretty far along though and is very nice. Even missing all of those parts, you can still see the potential in the costuming.

The head sculpt is a tweaked version of the regular SFM head sculpt. An evil goatee has been added to give Spock his distinct Mirror Universe look. SFM did a fantastic job capturing Nimoy's face... much better than the awful DST Ultimate Quarter Scale figure that we got instead of these (yes, I'm bitter about that).

All of this is put together on the SFM 12" body, which features a pretty decent range of movement. Evil spock can strike a ton of poses, including the Terran Empire salute. Oh, and as mentioned in the other SFM spotlights, you can alter the figures size by extending the arms and legs, which is great for the tall, lanky Mr. Spock.

Accessories: All I have with this proto are the extra hands, since the accessories (which would have been things like phasers, communicators, and tricorders) were'nt completed in time.

So there's SFM's Mirror Spock...a peek at what might have been...


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  1. The head mold makes me feel sad this was never released. I love the expression in his face, he doesn't look bland like some figures tend to do. I would love to buy it even with the unfinished uniform.