Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playmates Spotlight- Captain James Kirk
In Environmental Suit
(9" Figure From "The Tholian Web")

Figure Name: Captain James Kirk In Environmental Suit
Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Environmental Kirk was released as a Target Exclusive in the "Warp Factor"-style 9" series box. (Sorry, no boxed pic)

The Rundown: Finishing off the subset, Captain Kirk is the third character to get the 9" Environmental Suit treatment. It's pretty much 'more of the same' here, so Kirk is just as good as the other 2.

I've already gushed about them twice this week, so there's not much more to add here on the suits. I feel like they are some of Playmates finest work in this scale. Sure, the gloves are a little off, but the detail and accuracy of the rest of the outfit more than make up for it.

The Kirk head is my favorite of the 3 Environmental Suit figures. It's a very strong Shatner likeness, and in my opinion captures the character much better than the Spock and Chekov (although those 2 are by no means bad).

Accessories: Kirk includes a display stand (not pictured), his helmet, a phaser, and a communicator.

His box bio:

The Environmental Suit 9" figures are probably my favorite figures in that scale. The outfits are top notch, the head sculpts are all pretty solid, and they are all based on a pretty darned good episode. I highly recommend these as a highlight of the 9" line.


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